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by posted 02/19/2020

Hello U14 Girls Select Team,

We had a nice practice yesterday focusing on some key factors about keeping possession and the importance of intelligent playing/training.  Individually we are asking players who are about to get the ball/have the ball:

LOOK: - Scan the field 360 degrees on a constant basis.

EVALUATE: Decide the possible options in terms of dribbling, passing and/or shooting

DECIDE: choosing the best possible option with the priority of keeping possession of the ball.

ASSESS: Players should self assess and determine if that was the proper outcome or possible different decision in the future.

These 3-4 sequences can happen in seconds within a match.  Can the players think one step ahead and try to play in the future.  This way of thinking allows them to understand the "why" in their decisions, become more creative in their solutions, and then ultimately to learn how to see the game faster and better. 

Our next game will be on February 23rd @ 7:15 PM


Spring News:

Practices start the week of April 6th - First games will be tourney weekend below. 

Days/Times TBD...

Spring Tourney - Rockford Puma Cup - April 18 and 19th

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out to me at DOC@elmhurstsoccer.com or 630-417-9191.





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